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    1. Prospective New Members must be known for at least six months by two Ordinary Members, who have been Members for at least one full year themselves.

      These two Ordinary Members will then be able to Propose and Second the Application.

      1. Furthermore, the Prospective New Member must be known by or introduced to one Committee Member, who has to approve and sign the Application Form.
      2. Thereafter, please hand the Application Form to the Club Management or Admin/Secretary, who will receipt the monies received and then display the Application on the appropriate notice board until the next Committee Meeting (or for a minimum of 2 weeks). Please include a ID size photo.

  1. Prospective New Members who are not known to any Ordinary Members of this Club must please introduce themselves to at least one Committee Member and ask him/her to approve their Application.

    They will only be considered for Temporary Membership initially, which status will be reviewed after nine (9) months.

    1. Once the Application has accepted, and monies received, the Prospective New Member is already termed a 'Temporary Member', pending acceptance at the Committee Meeting, and may use all Club Facilities.
    2. After approval by the Committee, the Admin/Secretary will issue the New Member with a Membership Card, a Club Constitution including Bye-Laws, and the current Sailing Calendar.



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